Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Cuddle Chair and Seduction - Improve Your Game With a Cuddle Chair

The Cuddle Chair and Seduction - Improve Your Game With a Cuddle Chair

By Luke Meadows

Sometimes when you are into someone, you want to be close to them. The art of going from "friends" to more than that is known as seduction. After all, you are not really getting the full value out of your cuddle chair if you don't have someone to cuddle with!

There are two basic ways a cuddle chair can help you out here. First by helping you get your date back to your apartment. If you want to get physical with someone this is a a critical step! This is where you're really find out if they are into you. If you play it right, you can make it less awkward, or even smooth. Second, once you bring your date up to your place, often times getting physical can be an awkward hurdle. If only there were a magical way to be charming and smooth, and make your date jump at the chance to get close to you...

Come on Over

"Do you want to come up for a drink" is worn out and transparent. As soon as you ask that your date starts to consider what you *really* mean, and their logical mind takes over, instead of just enjoying the unique and fun rendez-vous that has been playing out all night.

Instead, early on you should mention "So, I have this awesome new chair known as a cuddle chair, have you heard of that?"... "Yeah, its like floating on a cloud - *so* comfortable!"... and then you go off into a discussion about how you both enjoy cuddling. Then later that night when you have already shifted to a place near your home, "Hey, my place is just around here, you have to come by so you can check out that cuddle chair I mentioned!".

Switching Gears to Steamy

After your date is with you at your place, you have a great reason to get physical. "You don't know how a cuddle chair works?! I'll show you, I'm an expert!". As you say this grab their hand and pull them over to the cuddle chair with you.

Destination Cuddling

Furthermore a cuddle chair adds a modern look and feel to your place. This also helps you be attractive. When your apartment has a sense of of fashion, it speaks to others about you. You should arrange your furniture in a way that makes it smooth and natural to bring your date into the cuddle chair area and offer them a lesson in cuddling.

Inspired by these recommendations you should make them your own and use them to create amazing encounters for you and your date, you will be cuddling in no time!

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